Privacy Policy

S.A.L.T.S. has a privacy policy and privacy officer in place (click to open PDF).

Complaints Process

We receive very few complaints, but to ensure that any concerns are resolved to the best of our ability, we follow the non-profit best practice of having a complaint process in place. Complaints may be sent to your usual contact at SALTS (see our "Contact Us" page) but if not satisfactorily resolved they may be escalated by emailing the Executive Director, or phoning him at the SALTS office, 250.383.6811 (ask for Loren). In the rare event that your complaint is still not satisfactorily resolved, please ask the Executive Director to request that you be contacted by the SALTS Board Chairperson. After speaking with you, the Board Chairperson will decide whether or not to raise the matter with the SALTS Board of Directors.  Note: for privacy related complaints, please see the privacy policy above and contact our Privacy Officer.