West Coast of Vancouver Island

Trip 5 - Both Ships - Port Hardy to Victoria

Trip Highlights

Trip 5 122
  • Spectacular opportunities for wildlife sightings including humpback, gray and orca whales, sea lions, otters, bald eagles and a variety of coastal birds.
  • Shore excursions can include visits to the beautiful white sand beaches of Brooks Peninsula for games, a bonfire and marine debris collection, forest walks to remote lakes and hot springs, showers and a homemade sauna at river-fed waterfalls, visits to cultural and historic sites such as Cougar Annie's Garden in Clayoquot Sound and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and much more.
  • Excellent opportunities for fishing and to enjoy the region's seafood offerings from crab and prawn to halibut and salmon.
  • The west coast of the island combines a good balance of coastal sailing with a taste of the offshore experience, along with coastal exploration and spectacular scenery.
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