SALTS employs ten full-time crew-members, some seasonally and some year-round. We also have a shoreside team providing administrative support, fundraising, and assistance with ship provisioning and maintenance. Our mission is to develop the spiritual, relational, and physical potential of young people through sail training, shipboard life and associated activities in a Christian environment. Our core values are faith, integrity, and community. If you are passionate about supporting this mission, consider joining our team in any roles noted below.

Shoreside Staff Openings:

The position of Shoreside Support Manager has been filled (Feb. 23, 2017).

Part-time temporary role as a Shoreside Assistant shopping for fresh groceries and bosun supplies (12-16 hours/week, March-October). Close date: as soon as a suitable candidate is found or the posting is closed it will be removed from this page.

Professional Crew Openings:

Most sailing seasons we have a vacancy for one or more entry-level crew positions. Application forms should be submitted by the end of September for employment in the following calendar year, though applications will be accepted right up until hiring decisions are made in mid to late fall. Please read all of the following carefully and complete the official application form below if you wish to apply.

General Qualifications:
Previous experience in the SALTS program as a trainee or volunteer crew-member is an asset as this ensures that applicants are familiar with our program, culture, and values and have proven their capabilities. Though technical skills and seamanship have a high priority in some jobs, the ability to work with young people, to spend time with them and respond to their spiritual needs is vital in all positions.  It is a requirement that professional crew-members sign and live by a Christian statement of faith and a code of ethics, much like a Christian camp would require this of its camp counsellors or a church would require this of it's youth pastor. Additional qualifications are noted below.

Entry Level Crew Roles:
  • Bosun: Provides watch leadership, youth mentorship, and Christian spiritual care while specializing in ship maintenance; winter work may also be available depending on our needs
  • Cook: Cooking for 30-40 people four times daily, youth mentorship and Christian spiritual care; assists in sail training and all program activities as time allows
  • Watch Officer: Provides watch leadership, youth mentorship, and Christian spiritual care while specializing as the ship's medical officer
Salaries for entry-level crew positions are low and not commensurate with long hours and hard work. Compensation increases incrementally based on length of service and can increase substantially with a promotion to a higher rank. First Mates and Captains gain medical benefits and employer RRSP contributions. Our desire is to encourage long-term employment for crew-members who excel in their roles. We start new crew-members with a one-season contract (late January through late October) before offering a longer employment agreement subject to a positive performance review.

Application Process
To apply for crew positions aboard one of our ships, you must submit this application form and send in a resume. This form is NOT for shoreside staff positions. We will proactively contact only the candidates whom we wish to interview. We receive far more applications than we have positions available. Our Captain's committee assesses applications based on our unique hiring needs and priorities.

Volunteer Crew Openings:

Click here to go to our web page about volunteer opportunities (including volunteer crew positions).